Feeding the food and beverage personalisation trend

Personalisation is growing up. We still enjoy adding names to bottles and messages to cakes. But all the signs point to it moving beyond this. People increasingly want food and beverage products tailored to meet their individual preferences and nutritional needs.

The challenge for the industry is finding large-scale ways to meet these demands. It poses difficult questions surrounding production and distribution. But brands which innovate to find the answers could find themselves at the forefront of a lucrative market.

Surging demand in the natural, free-from, local and organic categories has many drivers. But collectively, they point towards an overarching trend: consumers are going cold on mass produced food and beverages. Many people are looking for an alternative to homogenous offerings and want something that’s right for them. Personalisation is the logical next step on the journey.

The question is, can this be achieved on a large scale? Mass personalisation sounds like an oxymoron, but it might be closer and more realistic than you think. With focused innovation that draws on science and technology as well as consumer and market insight, there is a golden an opportunity for brands to gain competitive edge.