Going global: one formulation for many markets

Food and beverage brands wanting to establish or extend their global presence have to contend with an intricate web of regulatory requirements. The aspiration is to develop a product formulation that can be sold across as many territories as possible in order to deliver maximum economies of scale and a consistent product that is loved by consumers. Achieving a single global formulation is rare, but it is often possible to rationalise formulations to address the regulatory and consumer needs of market clusters.

The limitations of Codex Alimentarius

The Codex Alimentarius series of standards provides an international benchmark to facilitate free trade and consumer protection. But it only offers recommendations. Member countries and organisations are free to implement the framework in their own way, so there can be discrepancies in how the guidelines are interpreted, legislated and enforced. Understanding where differences lie, and how to navigate them without compromising product quality or consumer enjoyment, is a critical factor for efficient development of global products.