Member-only webinar

Cultured meat: Navigating the regulations

Date: 26 May, 2021

This webinar was live on 26 May, 2021.

In this Member-only webinar we'll be discussing the regulatory processes relating to cultured meats.

Cultured or ‘lab-grown’ meat products are now emerging in markets around the world with Singapore being the first country to approve the marketing of cultured chicken nuggets in December 2020.
These innovative products are being developed for meat-eaters who are seeking to reduce their environmental impact related to meat production.
However, consumer appetites and the regulatory ecosystem for these novel products are still developing.

In this webinar we’ll explain the complexity of this new type of food in terms of introducing novel processing and engineering techniques like genetic modification. We'll cover the regulatory processes that apply to these types of products in Europe, the USA and China.


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