Member-only webinar

Food and Beverage Brexit update

Date: 02 December, 2020

Live: Wednesday, 2nd December 2020

An update on the current status of food and beverage regulation, 29 days prior to the end of the Brexit implementation period.

With 29 Days to go until the end of the Brexit implementation period, how well prepared are you? Do you still have questions that need answering?

The webinar covers some of the important issues including:

  • Labelling for the UK, Northern Ireland and the EU
  • Health and identification marks
  • Organic regulations
  • Country of origin references
  • Product protection
  • Importing and exporting your product: EHCs, border inspections, certificate of inspection, logistics considerations
  • Trade deals, the UK internal market and the impact of the US election

Get in touch with any questions at [email protected]