Amendment to nutrition and front-of-pack labelling for processed foods in Colombia

20 January, 2023

To address the high and rising prevalence of obesity and diabetes, Colombia’s Ministry of Health has introduced Resolutions which regulate front-of-pack labelling. Resolution No 2492 – also known as ‘The Junk Food Law’ – has been recently published, modifying Resolution No 810 of 2021. The food & beverage industry now has a challenging timeline of 6 months to comply with the new rules, which come into effect on 15 June 2023*.


Changes introduced by Resolution No 2492

In addition to the new requirements for front-of-pack labelling (FOP warning seals), the new Resolution No 2492 includes the following changes, among others:

  • Introduction of new products to the list of foodstuffs exempted from declaring FOP warning seals and nutritional information
  • Addition of new definitions, e.g., food without processing or with minimum processing, and ultra-processed food products
  • Prohibition of use of nutritional claims for products bearing FOP warning seals
  • Modification of current nutrient thresholds that trigger the need to display FOP warning seals
  • Introduction of new nutrients/substances (i.e., trans fats and sweeteners) and their thresholds, which if exceeded would require the products to bear FOP warning seals. For instance, products containing sweeteners to include the warning seal ‘Contains Sweeteners’
  • Change of FOP warning seals format and dimensions

New and old front-of-pack warning labels in Colombia

Compliance dates

Food operators are required to comply by certain dates, notably:


Before 28 February 2023 Food business operators already displaying the FOP warning seals according to the previous provisions, may file a one-time application for the exhaustion of labels with the National Institute for the Control of Foods and Medicines (INVIMA)
Before 15 June 2023 Food business operators who wish to adjust to the nutritional labelling and FOP warning seals on the label before the 6-month period provided, may do so, complying with the provisions laid down in the Resolution
Before 15 June 2024 Packaged foods that do not comply with the provisions established by the Resolution must be removed from the market by the producer or marketer
Before 16 June 2028 The front warning seal shall be on the lid of reusable containers that cannot be labelled on the front of pack or with adhesive or on secondary packaging

*Different compliance dates may be applicable for food businesses who have applied for the exhaustion of labels with the National Institute for Food and Drug Surveillance (INVIMA), as well as for reusable containers.

Support with labelling compliance

To learn more about how to comply with the new labelling requirements established in Colombia, please get in touch at [email protected]. Leatherhead’s experienced team of scientists and regulatory experts, including former regulators and industry advocates, can support you every step of the way.

If you are a member of Leatherhead Food Research, you may use your helpline hours to discover how these changes could directly impact your products.

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