Navigating global environmental sustainability trends: Insights from Leatherhead's annual report

29 January, 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of environmental sustainability, adeptly navigating the ongoing developments becomes crucial amid a discernible lack of global harmony. As a testament to the exclusive benefits of membership, Leatherhead Food Research members received their copy of the Annual Regulatory Trends Report ‘Developments in Sustainability Labelling Regulations’ in December 2023. This eagerly awaited report delves into the impact of the environmental sustainability movement on food, beverage and supplement labelling regulations. It serves as an invaluable resource for members, enriching strategy development with up-to-date insights and information on this dynamic space.

For Leatherhead’s latest report, our regulatory experts undertook a comprehensive global horizon scanning journey, focusing on sustainable labelling across raw materials & agriculture, carbon labelling, packaging, greenwashing mitigation and food waste.

Coffe field in Minas Gerais State, Brazil

Global disparities unveiled

Amidst a sea of change and distinct lack of global harmony, staying ahead of developments across different countries is imperative. Taking carbon labelling as a case in point, we observe that specific regulations for carbon emission or footprint labelling are not widely implemented. For instance, some countries have voluntary certifications like Brazil’s voluntary eco-label (the Green Seal), tailored for the entire coffee production lifecycle. In contrast, Taiwan has moved to mandatory carbon footprint labelling; however crucial details regarding affected industries and timelines remain undisclosed.

Disparities in addressing food waste are also evident. France is taking proactive measures by implementing a star system for manufacturers. Further developments are anticipated in the EU, which is currently reviewing date marking rules to alleviate consumer confusion. In the US, Congress is contemplating the standardization of product dating to enhance clarity.

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