Horizon scanning and advocacy

Empower your team with information on future change and provide clarity to internal stakeholders with horizon scanning.

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Advocacy strategy

New scientific findings, cultural and consumer attitudes, technological needs and authorities all contribute towards food and beverage regulations. As part of our horizon scanning service, we can recommend the most appropriate route for you to input on new or changing regulation.

Leatherhead can support you in forming solid advocacy arguments using the latest scientific evidence and connected data to contribute towards changing regulations:

  • Monitor, compile, and assess background information for advocacy discussions
  • Support your arguments with up-to-date scientific evidence
  • Establish a meaningful link between multi-national policy discussions
  • Identify policy trends so that you can plan your advocacy strategy
  • Identify, evaluate and recommend the most relevant advocacy partners such as trade associations to join



Frequently asked questions

Leatherhead’s horizon scanning service monitors and tracks signals of upcoming changes at global scale, in your markets of interest. We consider the relevancy of these changes to your products and your business so you can prepare for the short, mid and long-term changes.

Horizon scanning is a tool to understand and manage upcoming changes and their associated risks. It helps organisations plan for future regulatory changes and reduce ‘firefighting’. Regulatory horizon scanning helps gain visibility of regulations at a local and international level to understand the frequency of change. Information gathered is used to support an informed decision-making process and to create a suitable ongoing monitoring schedule. 

Depending on the scope of the topic, target markets and design of the exercise a horizon scanning project can take between 1 week - 2 months. Timelines will depend on your objectives and the depth of knowledge needed.

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