Food and beverage regulatory reviews

De-risk your innovation pipeline and avoid costly mistakes by incorporating regulatory reviews.

Leatherhead Food Research’s regulatory review services enable food and beverage companies to anticipate and overcome barriers to market entry. We work with you to navigate the fragmented global regulatory landscape and realise untapped opportunities. Our regulatory reviews accelerate and simplify launches by avoiding the cost of unexpected non-compliance for new products, technologies and claims.

How does Leatherhead review the risks of your innovations?

We de-risk and streamline your R&D efforts by reviewing your new or emerging concepts,  technologies and claims in the context of the prevailing regulation in your target markets. We distil this information into a series of actionable tasks and work with you to support your launch.

new product concept regulatory review

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Concepts review

  • Support your concept-to-market strategy
  • Check your concept (ingredient, recipe, claim) compliance against regulatory frameworks and recommend alternatives where needed to support
  • Ensure appropriate substantiation of claims
  • Evaluate risks using a traffic light colouring system and suggest steps for risk mitigation
  • Evaluate the feasibility of a harmonised global market entry plan

Emerging technology review

  • Review compliance of emerging technologies
  • Identify the need for pre-market approvals
  • Confirm compliance of end-product labelling
  • Verify claims and support claim substantiation

Claim review

  • Evaluate and verify claims for conceptual products
  • Conduct risk assessments on concepts by scanning competitors’ products
  • Evaluate risks using a traffic light colouring system and suggest compliant claims
  • Compose unbiased dossiers of scientific evidence to mitigate potential challenges

Frequently asked questions

Ideally, it’s best to consider regulations at the point of inception as this will de-risk, de-clutter and streamline your innovation pipeline. Not only will a regulatory review help determine the permissibility and compliance of the ingredients that your food designers want to use, it will also help inform potential marketing and nutrition & health claims for your product.

For a global product to be launched in different countries, the divergence (or lack of harmonisation) in regulatory frameworks can complicate a global market entry plan. We use our regulatory risk assessment tool to identify and readily communicate low, medium and high-risk markets to a broad range of stakeholders. ‘Low-risk’ markets are relatively easy to enter with no or minimal challenges from competitors and regulatory authorities; ‘medium-risk’ markets can be entered subject to few amendments; and ‘high-risk’ markets require significant remedial actions to de-risk the plan.

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