Peru allows use of difficult-to-remove stickers to encourage the uptake of Front of Pack logos by small businesses and importers

19 February, 2024

The Congress of Peru recently passed Law 31919 amending Article 10 of Law 30021, introducing additional restrictions on legibility criteria and labelling practices for FOP logos used by importers and small businesses marketing products high in salt, sugar, saturated fat and trans-fat.

Importers now have the option to use difficult-to-remove stickers, simplifying compliance with Peruvian regulations. The amendment will ease the burden on importers by eliminating the need to reprint packaging labels, aligning with Peru’s commitment to promoting healthier dietary choices.

The amendment to Article 10 of Law 30021 builds on the country’s significant efforts, over the past decade, to promote a healthier diet for children and adolescents. The 2013 Law 30021 regulated FOP warning seals on food items high in salt, sugar, saturated fats and trans fats. The recent amendment mandates that these warnings must now be indelibly labelled on products and cannot be covered, wholly or partially, by any other element.

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Increased flexibility

Imported products and those manufactured by micro and small enterprises (MSEs), now have more flexibility. For example, they can include FOP warning logos not printed on labels using stickers that are difficult to remove and do not obscure consumer information. These stickers must meet standards set by the National Quality Institute (INACAL), with specifics yet to be published. It is likely that the standard will contain information on material composition; however, this is not yet confirmed.

Forthcoming developments

The following developments have been initiated in order to comply with the newly established provisions:

  • INACAL will develop the Peruvian technical standard for stickers in the food industry to ensure their resistance to removal
  • The Advertising Warning Manual, approved by Supreme Decree 012-2018-SA, will be adapted in due course to reflect the amendment introduced by the Law and will issue the complementary regulations necessary for compliance

Support with labelling compliance

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