Leatherhead Food Research joins forces with sister companies to address clients' complex sustainability needs

20 July, 2022

Leatherhead Food Research is combining its capabilities with those of its sister companies in a three-pronged sustainability-focused offering that encompasses management and strategy, product innovation, and product stewardship.

Together with R&D consultancy Sagentia Innovation and regulatory specialist TSG Consulting, Leatherhead is committed to helping businesses navigate opportunities and challenges presented by the sustainability agenda. The new service lines leverage wide-ranging experience and expertise to help food and beverage businesses make material progress towards sustainability goals.

All three companies are part of Science Group plc, and this development follows the creation of Science Group | Sustainability, the Group's dedicated sustainability entity. Management and strategy, product innovation, and product stewardship have been identified as three distinct but interconnected areas where businesses can benefit from external support and guidance.

Luke Murphy, VP Key Accounts, Scientific & Regulatory Affairs, says while sustainability has been a key part of Leatherhead's business for decades, integrating the three companies' scientific, technical, and regulatory capabilities extends and enriches the offering.

"We have a strong track record helping our members and clients deliver on their sustainability ambitions, but demands are becoming more complex and more urgent," Luke explains. "Combining our skills with the product development and advisory expertise of Sagentia Innovation as well as the broader regulatory insight of TSG Consulting enables us to step up and achieve more. These new service lines cover all aspects of innovation, production and management, so we can help food and beverage businesses with everything from net zero targets to plastic reduction."

Science Group | Sustainability recently launched a Net Zero Playbook, the result of a year-long collaboration between innovation leaders from seven global brands and the three sister companies. Representatives from food and beverage companies PepsiCo and Mars as well as packaging specialist Amcor, Bayer's crop science division, Proctor & Gamble and chemicals companies Stepan Company and Solvay SA were involved. The abridged Net Zero Playbook is available to download at https://sustainability.sciencegroup.com/net-zero-playbook/ 

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