Leatherhead Food Research supporting Footprint Forum’s event on food authenticity in foodservice

13 December, 2016

Leatherhead Food Research is delighted to be supporting Footprint Forum’s event Food Authenticity in Foodservice – Risk & Regulation, being held in London on 15 December 2016.

‘Horsegate’ changed the food industry forever on 15 January 2013. Before this, food fraud was an emerging issue, but was not generally perceived as a major concern for mainstream food and beverage operators. Since then, there has been a far greater impetus for companies to drill down into their supply chains to gain greater understanding and mitigate risk.

Whilst there has undoubtedly been a greater focus on the true provenance of the products and ingredients consumers buy, incidences continue to arise of products being ‘passed off’ in areas such as white fish, olive oil, cheese and herbs and spices. Methods of production such as organic or country of origin can also be falsified.

The foodservice sector is arguably more exposed than many due to the often fragmented nature of supply chains. It is all the more important therefore to have robust systems in place such as TACCP and VACCP in order to form a strong defence against food fraud and adulteration, ensuring safe and authentic final products.

Supported by Leatherhead Food Research, Footprint Forum: Food Authenticity in Foodservice – Risk & Regulation will address the regulatory considerations and risk areas of food authenticity. It will assess the status quo, hear from the experiences of a pan-industry panel and explore ways of closing loopholes providing opportunities for food fraud and crime. The debate will cover labelling, traceability, vulnerability assessments and due diligence requirements.

Leatherhead’s Tony Hines, MBE, FIFST, VP Global Regulatory Services & Crisis Management, will speak on ‘Global supply chain vulnerabilities’; and Luke Murphy, Regulatory Manager will take part in the panel discussion exploring ways in which the industry can tackle food fraud and crime.

"Our advice to food manufacturers and retailers on how to combat food fraud is to open the toolbox available to our members," says Tony Hines. "Within that toolbox, there are workshops, vulnerability assessments, there is the ability to audit, inspect and to conduct some end product testing. No country or product is immune from substitution, dilution or adulteration. Ask the difficult questions to ensure that what you order is what you get!"


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