Do you have mould on your product? Or is your packaging blowing? Issues can arise in food & beverage production and being able to quickly identify what is causing the problem is key to being able to resolve it quickly.

Leatherhead has the renowned expertise and experience to identify quickly and reliably any microbial contaminants that may be occurring in your products. Our microbial identification service can help a whole host of problems. Years of experience mean we can quickly isolate the microorganisms involved, and identify them via DNA sequence comparison.

As a follow-up, we provide a full report detailing the organism and its characteristics, including pathogenicity and toxin production. If necessary, we can also add further details and analysis based on individual circumstances.

Our unrivalled expertise in isolating and identifying microorganisms means that we can identify the root cause of an issue and work with you to resolve it through further testing or specialist advice about your processes and equipment.

This service quickly highlights any further problems that may need investigating, thus preventing costly delays that could seriously damage your business.


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