Virtual reality testing

Virtual immersive environments offer a great level of control to research conditions by simulating a user’s physical presence in a generated environment. Through virtual reality (VR), we can create realistic images, sounds and smells to provide context to consumers when assessing food and drink products. Not only do these generated settings allow consumers to interact with the projected environments and the concepts/prototypes, VR also enables our researchers to observe, track and monitor the interactions and results – providing the link between traditional consumer testing and real life experience.

Here at Leatherhead, our findings demonstrate that perceptions of a product often depend on the context provided. Leatherhead’s VR testing can provide valuable information on seasonal, regional or concept-fit category management decisions whilst ensuring best testing practices.

VR has the potential to be applied in many areas of the food & drink industry:

  • Consumer behaviour analysis
    • Setting up a virtual supermarket environment
    • Utilising emotional research
    • Heart rate monitoring
  • Context evaluation
    • Segmentation
    • Product differentiation
    • Sniff test
  • Cross modal interactions
    • Healthier food
    • Less calories
    • Flavour – environment
    • Texture – aroma
  • Concept validation
    • Qualitative research
    • Video focus group
    • Packaging

In addition we can also offer augmented reality projects, exposing options onto existing products, generating the ability to research products without the need for their physical creation.

Why Leatherhead?

  • Purpose built consumer and sensory testing facilities
  • Science background
  • Multidisciplinary organisation allowing consumer and sensory research to be tempered with innovation, regulatory and food safety insights
  • Food/beverage device development through our sister company Sagentia
  • Market and technology insight through our sister company Oakland Innovation


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