When will we be eating lab-grown meat?

Singapore’s approval of cultured chicken nuggets in December 2020 could be a watershed moment for the uptake of lab-grown meat. What is the economic outlook for this market, what are the regulatory considerations, and when are we likely to see more widespread approvals? This white paper shines a light on the lab-grown meat situation.

Global demand for meat and fish continues to grow in line with the world population, income and urbanisation. Intensive, industrial-scale agricultural and fishing practices have been developed in response. However, they are known to put a strain on natural resources such as land, fresh water and energy. What’s more, consumer awareness of issues such as animal welfare and the use of antibiotics in farm animals is on the up. Consequently, the food industry is exploring new, more sustainable ways to produce meat and fish safely. One area of interest is the development of synthetic alternatives. Are ‘lab-grown’ products the way forward for consumers who enjoy meat and fish but are mindful of their negative impact of large-scale production? This white paper looks at the potential market for lab-grown meat as well as the associated regulatory considerations.

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