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The battle for consumer truth: how consumer and sensory research is facing disruption

Date: 02 October, 2019

Date: Wednesday 2nd October

Time: 15:00 BST

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The battle for consumer truth: understanding consumer perception and motivation in a digital age

Companies have always tried to get under the skin of consumers to understand their motivations in order to create more successful innovations. What has changed is the way we conduct consumer research. Tech-led start-ups, undaunted by the weight of history, are re-writing the research rule book as technology enables us to engage with consumers in ways we never could have imagined 20 years ago. Behavioural science, which applies a psychological lens to explain consumer behaviours, is capturing the attention of marketing and insight professionals in companies around the world.

Yet game-changing consumer research remains a challenge. In this 30 minute webinar, Emma Gubisch, Head of Consumer Science at Leatherhead Food Research, will explore the disruption which is taking place within the world of consumer research. She will look at how the discipline of behavioural science can help us build more rounded pictures of human experience and explore ways to utilise technology to its best advantage in research.


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