Consumer and sensory helpline

Planning a consumer study or a sensory evaluation, choosing the most appropriate methodology to answer your objective, running the statistical analysis and interpreting the results can be challenging. Leatherhead’s consumer and sensory experts can provide you with the quick answers you need.

Whether you are looking for answers regarding the running of panels, which statistical tool to apply, or other tips & suggestions, our experts are happy to support you with their extensive experience in both theoretical and practical aspects of consumer and sensory science.

All members have a number of allocated helpline hours according the level of membership they hold. We will be able to advise you if your question can be answered in the hours available, if additional hours will need to be purchased or if a tailored project to you is more suitable.

Pick the phone and ring us on +44(0)1372822350 or send us an email on: [email protected]

Examples of the typical questions for the consumer and sensory helpline:

  • We are looking for new sensory methodologies to apply with our trained panel to answer 'X', can you give us an overview of suitable methodologies?
  • Due to factory relocation, how can we make sure that our products will remain the same sensory characteristics?
  • The team is trying a temporal method with the trained panel and we are wondering if you can guide us on the protocols?
  • What tools should we use to analyse data generated by Flash Profiling?
  • Is there any guide on how to select and train a new sensory panel?
  • What type of discrimination test should we use to determine if there are differences between samples with strong flavour?
  • How many calories (max) should I serve to my trained panellists?
  • How can I test a product that contains novel ingredients?


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