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Helplines are a key Leatherhead membership benefit for all members. Phone or email for on-demand advice on regulatory, food innovation, nutrition, consumer & sensory and food safety.


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Enjoy the benefits of your membership, with access to our complete library of whitepapers, covering various different topics in the food and beverage industry, all written and edited by our industry experts.

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When will we be eating lab-grown meat?

Global demand for meat and fish continues to grow in line with the world population, income and urbanisation. Intensive...

05 October 2021

Advertising food and drink products to children

Increasing evidence of a link between the types of food and beverage products advertised to children and childhood obesity is...

16 July 2021

Leverage functional ingredients without falling foul of regulation

The ‘pharmafood’ trend is gaining momentum, with many food and beverage businesses developing products to meet...

17 June 2021

Member webinars

Plant-based and solar protein: Is it really a new era of alternative diets?

Consumers are becoming more aware and increasingly interested in plant-based foods. Accessible, affordable, healthy and...

17 May 2021

Cultured meat: Navigating the regulations

Cultured or ‘lab-grown’ meat products are now emerging in markets around the world with Singapore being the first country...

14 April 2021

New and emerging ingredients: A focus on cognitive, gut, stress and skin health

New and emerging ingredients: A focus on cognitive, gut, stress and skin health Download the slides here Health-conscious...

05 March 2021

Post Brexit Changes to UK Food and Beverage Legislation

In this webinar you'll learn about the changes to food and beverage legislation now the UK has left the EU. This webinar...

20 January 2021

Food and Beverage Brexit update

With 29 Days to go until the end of the Brexit implementation period, how well prepared are you? Do you still have questions...

04 November 2020

Sustainable diets – are we ready to change our habits?

What actually is a sustainable diet? How might our own behaviours be preventing us for eating more sustainably? What role...

28 October 2020

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