Innovation helpline

Our product development consultants combine their deep expertise in rheology, food microstructure and oral processing techniques with an awareness of emerging trends and the next generation of ingredients to develop new, innovative products for our clients.

All members have a number of allocated helpline hours according the level of membership they hold. We will be able to advise you if your question can be answered in the hours available or if additional hours will need to be purchased.

If you have a product development query, please contact: [email protected]


Related services:

  • NPD protocepts and prototypes
  • EPD and reformulation
  • Ingredients intelligence
  • Benchmarking of competitor products
  • Tailored training packages

Example of typical enquiries to the innovation helpline:

  • I need to invent a disruptive product for the snacks market, can you generate some ideas and make some prototypes?
  • How can I remove salt/ sugar/ fat from my product whilst retaining shelf life and quality?
  • What happens to my product as it breaks down in the mouth and how does this correlate to our consumers’ perception of indulgence?
  • I need to produce a drinks product to fulfil the following brief for the EU and US markets, including a number of specific health claims. Can you outline a recipe to meet the regulatory requirements in all countries and provide a provisional cost per bottle?
  • I need to ensure product consistency across my global manufacturing sites, how do my processing methods and the ingredients used impact final product quality at the point of eating?


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