Leatherhead’s annual Members’ Regulatory Day – what did you miss?

25 September, 2023

On 20 September, Leatherhead Food Research held its annual Members’ Regulatory Day, providing an update on the changing global regulations for the food & beverage industry. The event is a key date in the diary for our members, helping them remain up to date with the latest regulations, as well as providing peace of mind that they are ahead of the game when it comes to forthcoming changes.


Environmental sustainability was one of the key drivers for the day along with discussion of the challenges to keep up with the divergence in regulations following Brexit.

Updates were provided for different regions.

EU region: An update on the titanium dioxide safety debate, new novel food and health claim authorisations, as well as the ever-important regulation for commodities from deforested land.

UK region: the divergences on some emerging, evolving and newly established regulations were covered, as well as an overview of the Windsor framework.

Finally updates were provided by Leatherheads country experts on various emerging, evolving and newly established regulations in International regions of: Asia, Africa, North America, South America and Australia/New Zealand. These learnings are of key interest to multinational companies but also provide an insight into examples of new regulations which, if successful in one country, can often then be adopted by others.

A special report on the sustainability, chemical safety and regulatory developments for food contact materials was also provided by TSG Consulting a sister company to Leatherhead Food Research. The programme was complemented with two discussion forums which allowed Members to converse with our experts and other members on hot topics, including post-Brexit challenges, green claims, packaging and packaging waste and food waste issues.

Are you missing out? Membership benefits

With membership to Leatherhead Food Research, you can attend our annual Members’ Regulatory Day next year. Visit the fabulous Epsom site, have chance to hear from our experts on global regulations, listen to different perspectives through our discussion forums, and ask any of your pressing questions.

Benefits of being a Member

Our annual Members’ Regulatory Day is just one benefit of being a Member at Leatherhead. In addition to accessing our support through use of Membership Helpline Hours, you also receive:

  • Our weekly Global Legal Highlights newsletter which will keep you up to date on regulatory developments happening around the world
  • Our twice-a-week Food News, which gives you a snapshot of scientific, regulatory and commercial intel within the food & beverage industry
  • Our white papers and webinars which delve into hot topics, providing a combined regulatory and scientific perspective
  • Our Annual Regulatory Trends Report – summarising the drivers of regulatory change that are on the horizon – this year’s version will cover developments for labelling in relation to environmental sustainability and emerging technologies that may improve environmental sustainability

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