Are you ready to authenticate voluntary green claims for your food products?

April 19, 2024

Food businesses may need to bear the responsibility of ensuring that green claims on their food labels undergo rigorous verification by an accredited third-party verifier as outlined in the proposed Green Directive, which was put forward in March 2023. Recently, in February 2024, discussions were centred around the practical implementation of the Directive, aiming to balance business transparency and compliance.

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In collaboration, the Internal Market and Environment Committees worked together to establish a specific set of rules focusing on verification systems, carbon claims and penalties. Currently, these topics are still being discussed, although the European Parliament’s position at first reading was adopted on 12 March 2024. The file will be followed up by the new Parliament after the European elections on June 6-9.

Outlined below are the provisional measures established for verification systems, carbon claims, and penalties:

Verification systems

  • Food business operators intending to use forthcoming environmental claims will need approval prior to implementation. Accredited verifiers will evaluate these claims within a 30-day window
  • Microenterprises may be exempt, while SMEs will be granted an additional year to comply with the regulations

Carbon claims

  • Although green claims based on the so-called carbon off-setting schemes have been banned, food business operators can still mention these carbon offsetting schemes, providing the companies have already maximized emission reductions and utilize such schemes solely for residual emissions


  • Companies that do not comply with upcoming the regulations may face exclusion from procurements, revenue loss, and fines of at least 4% of their annual turnover

Food business operators are advised to stay informed about Parliament's final position and be prepared to implement necessary measures to ensure compliance for their food products.

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