Health claim approval

Health claims are a powerful marketing communication tool in promoting your products to consumers. From products with live bacterial cultures to food supplements, these claims can be important for your communication strategy, brand awareness and loyalty.

What are health claims?

In Great Britain and the EU, a health claim is a ‘statement about a relationship between food and health’. Health claims are used on product packaging to communicate health benefits of the product to the consumer in a simple and easy to understand way. It’s important that consumers are protected from false, inaccurate or exaggerated claims, which is why the European Commission and the Great British authorities tightly control what can and cannot be used.


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What health claims can I use on my food labels?

A list of authorised health claims is available for use on food and beverage products in the EU and Great Britain. However, there are also opportunities to apply for new health claims with supporting scientific evidence via dossier submission to the European Commission or Department of Health for Great Britain. New health claims must have a specific link between an ingredient (e.g. plant extract or microorganism) present in the product and a scientifically robust relationship with human health. Here are some examples of categories your health claim could fit into:

  • Growth, development and functions of the body
  • Slimming or weight control
  • Reduction of disease risk
  • Children’s health and development

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Our team of regulatory experts and scientists can:


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