Ingredients intelligence

In order to remain competitive and innovative, food & beverage companies need to be aware of the “next big thing” in ingredients – whether that’s the latest superfood or the latest sugar replacement. Additionally, reformulating products to meet a specific nutrition, regulatory or safety objective, may require knowledge of different ingredients and the function those ingredients are performing, allowing a different recipe to achieve the same or similar goal.

Leatherhead’s team of nutritionists, food scientists and researchers can assist with all areas of ingredients intelligence including:

  • Emerging ingredients and trend analysis: over time, new ingredients come into the market frequently moving from one geographic area to another. Additionally ingredients may move from one product area into a completely different product application. Understanding how these ingredients behave and where they can be used is critical. We can help you understand the nature of these emerging ingredients and how you can use them to best advantage. Working with our regulatory team, we can also help you anticipate and respond to any regulatory/ technical changes such as the approval of new ingredients.
  • Product comparisons and benchmarking: we can analyse the ingredients used in competitor products and assess their effect on the overall qualities of the product relative to your product.
  • Ingredient functionality and assessment: many ingredients perform multiple functions within a product; they may contribute to taste, texture, shelf-life and bulk of the product, for example. Understanding the functional contribution that an ingredient makes to the overall product is crucial when it comes to reformulation. We can help you understand the role that each ingredient plays in your product.


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