What's on the horizon for meat alternatives?

Meat alternatives are increasingly viewed as a healthy and sustainable source of protein for the growing world population. Innovation is rife in this category, and there are significant opportunities for new and established food businesses alike.
However, the global regulatory landscape is complex, unharmonised and rapidly evolving. In this paper, we use horizon scanning techniques to offer a snapshot of what lies ahead. 

As world population growth continues, the availability and provision of foods containing protein is under the spotlight. Global demand for meat-based proteins is projected to double by 2050. This will put extreme pressure on global resources, and it may not be possible to satisfy demand, bringing the risk of a protein deficit. Ensuring people have access to affordable, healthy and sustainable sources of this essential nutrient presents a significant challenge for governments, industry and suppliers. One avenue that’s receiving a lot of attention is alternative protein sources. The food research community has been exploring cultured meats (aka clean or lab-grown meat) and plant-based meat for some time. Recently, a new player has joined the game too: solar protein.

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