Putting the consumer at the heart of Technical

By applying the same consumer science framework we have deployed in R&D to the considerations of the Technical functions (e.g. Quality, Safety, Supply-chain) our research has called into question the long-held perception of the importance of six-sigma quality (a focus on precision and reducing the probability of ‘defects’) for some aspects of final product specifications.

We have uncovered that there may in fact be more degrees of freedom to leverage with product experience that can enable organisations, and by proxy, consumers, to deliver against broader environmental, social and governance (ESG) objectives without compromising commercial performance. Whilst this does require breaking from convention, there is no ‘new science’ or capability required to deliver these. And for those organisations willing to take the risk, we believe there are significant opportunities: financial, brand value and ESG.

Ultimately, this research aligns with the macroindicators that one-size-fits-all business models have stagnated and are losing relevance. Business models, processes and frameworks that promote the agility needed to stay close to the consumer will ultimately succeed in an era of unprecedented change that we expect to continue.