Ingredients expertise

To deliver desirable visual and textural properties, it’s vital to understand the type and behaviour of thickening/stabilising/gelling agents, emulsifiers and emulsions. We have significant expertise in understanding how ingredients work.

Our extensive expertise can help provide a complete picture of ingredient functionality and application potentials, including novel/developmental ingredients. This includes:

Molecular weight profiling

With the use of electrophoresis (protein and polysaccharide) and high performance Size Exclusion Chromatography (SEC), we monitor the molecular weights of components as a function of processing and stability, as well as for detection.


Rheological properties, including viscosity, gelling properties and textural properties of ingredients and products can be characterised as a function of formulation, processing conditions and shelf life storage


The emulsifying and foaming properties of emulsifiers and surfactants, as well as the resulting emulsions, can be characterised using a laser diffraction technique, microscopy and rheology.

Knowledge transfer

Knowledge transfer of food-grade ingredient functionality into other sectors, particularly personal homecare, pharmaceutical and pet food.


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