Sensory evaluation

Sensory evaluation is a scientific method to measure, analyse and interpret responses to products through sight, smell, touch, taste and hearing. With our trained panel, we provide unique analytical methods to help perfect your product.

Maximise your product’s potential

In an ever-competitive marketplace, sensory evaluation methods are increasingly being used to help make vital decisions about food and non-food products – from product improvement, quality control and new product development to recipe or production process change and competitor benchmarking. Leatherhead’s sensory team offers a number of analytical methods and two main types of tests – discrimination tests and descriptive tests.

Discrimination methods

We can determine if your products are different from each other through the use of:

  • Triangle Testing
  • Tetrad Test
  • Difference from Control Paired Comparison
  • Directional Difference Test
  • Duo Trio Testing
  • “A” “not A” test
  • Attribute Ranking Test

Descriptive methods

We can determine how products differ from each other and the varying intensity of specific sensory characteristics. There are a number of test methods available:

  • Quantitative Descriptive Analysis
  • Consensus Profiling
  • Flash Profiling
  • Free Sorting
  • Free Choice Profiling
  • Napping
  • Polarized Sensory Positioning
  • Time Intensity
  • Temporal Dominance of Sensations
  • Progressive Profiling


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