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A global regulatory update on food allergen labelling

This whitepaper summarises global regulations for food allergen labelling, highlighting challenges and changes which...
White paper 05 April, 2024

The buzz on edible insect regulations

Yet while the global market is forecast to reach USD 17.6 billion by 2032, the regulatory landscape lacks clarity and...
White paper 20 March, 2024

Post-Brexit regulatory divergence: ten key developments

Regulatory divergence is a significant area of concern for many Leatherhead Food Research members. However, regular...
White paper 18 December, 2023

Do recycled plastics have a future in food contact materials?

This white paper looks at regulatory trends and developments influencing the use of recycled plastics in food contact...
In Focus White paper 28 November, 2023

Personalised Nutrition and Potential Regulatory Hurdles

However, while the technologies which enable personalisation are becoming more accessible, the regulatory landscape...
In Focus White paper 17 May, 2023

The EU’s deforestation-free products regulation

Agreement in principle has been reached over a landmark regulation to prevent commodity-driven deforestation and forest...
In Focus White paper 30 March, 2023

How to get health claims right when using botanicals

The global regulatory landscape is complex; steps must be taken to ensure products containing these ingredients are...
White paper 03 March, 2023

How to take a science-led approach to cooking instructions generation

The goal is to find and validate optimum time and temperature combinations using relevant cooking equipment. In this...
White paper 23 February, 2023

Foodborne pathogens: an evolving threat

Zoonoses – diseases or infections that can pass from animals to humans – are not always front of mind in the modern...
White paper 25 January, 2023

New approaches for sustainable, transparent labelling of food and beverage products

As food and beverage manufacturers make progress towards packaging reduction targets, the issue of product labelling is...
Regulatory White paper 21 December, 2022
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