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NOVA and ultra-processed foods

In this white paper we will examine NOVA, a system that looks at classifying foods based on the level of processing, in...
White paper 26 March, 2021

The regulatory landscape for animal product alternatives

The rise of the plant-based market is buoyed by many factors, from sustainability to health to global food security...
White paper 18 December, 2020

The changing world of plastics in China

Increased awareness of plastic pollution is driving complex new regulatory developments around the world. In China...
In Focus White paper 11 December, 2020

Vitamin D and preventative nutrition in the COVID-19 world

Consumer interest in food and beverage products that may improve immunity has surged during 2020. Over the next 12...
White paper 07 December, 2020

Front of pack labelling, the obesity epidemic and globalisation

With governments around the world taking steps to curb obesity levels, front of pack labelling for food and drink...
White paper 01 December, 2020

Genome editing and the food industry

The scientific community has made great strides in the use of genome editing to optimise the physical properties of...
In Focus White paper 27 November, 2020

Botanicals: a consumer and regulatory dichotomy

Consumer interest in botanicals is high, and manufacturers are incorporating a wide range of plant-based...
In Focus White paper 23 November, 2020

APAC food and beverage trends and opportunities

Opportunities for international trade of food and beverage products in Asia Pacific markets are growing. However, the...
In Focus White paper 20 November, 2020

Microplastics in Food and Beverage Products

Microplastics have become a hot topic, and forthcoming EU regulation surrounding their intentional use in products will...
In Focus White paper 27 October, 2020

Putting the consumer at the heart of Technical

We have uncovered that there may in fact be more degrees of freedom to leverage with product experience that can enable...
In Focus 03 June, 2020
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