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“Air fryer popularity warrants dedicated cooking instructions on pack,” says Leatherhead Food Research

Most air fryer owners (64%) say they would cook more with them if timings were included on cooking instructions labels...
News Sustainability 12 October, 2022

Leatherhead Food Research joins forces with sister companies to address clients’ complex sustainability needs

Together with R&D consultancy Sagentia Innovation and regulatory specialist TSG Consulting, Leatherhead is...
Sustainability 20 July, 2022

The latest on food packaging recycling logos in Europe and the UK

With several European countries developing their own recycling logos and stipulations, food and beverage companies need...
Blog Sustainability 21 April, 2022

What’s on the horizon for meat alternatives?

The meat alternatives category is an innovation hotspot, but the regulatory context is complex, unharmonised and...
Blog Sustainability 18 August, 2021

New UK pilot scheme for food and beverage environmental impact labelling

The organisation running the initiative is Foundation Earth; a not-for-profit organisation funded by a membership...
Blog Sustainability 19 July, 2021