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Our complete library of whitepapers, covering various different topics in the food and beverage industry, all written and edited by our industry experts.


Keeping it clean, safely

The consumer call for natural, minimally processed products which contain as few ingredients as possible has set a...
S&I White paper 25 January, 2017

The harmonisation of Swiss and EU food law

At a time when many countries are considering their relationships with the EU, Switzerland is seeking greater...
Regulatory White paper 17 January, 2017

Building a product blueprint for successful innovation

The building of a new house, bridge, road or factory cannot progress without a blueprint or technical plan to ensure...
S&I White paper 06 January, 2017

Developments in food contaminants

New developments in science and chemical analysis enable us to learn more about possible contaminants in food and...
Regulatory White paper 23 December, 2016

To warn or not to warn: when to advise on the risk of choking

With no specific regulations requiring companies to inform consumers if their food and beverage product poses a choking...
Regulatory White paper 13 December, 2016

What’s the science behind glycemic response?

Sustained energy release and glycemic response have become a focus for the food and beverage industry, as consumers...
S&I White paper 09 December, 2016

The holy grail of sweetness without the calories

Ever been asked to deliver the impossible? From ingredient blends to new technologies, in this white paper, Kathy...
S&I White paper 02 December, 2016

Using sensory shelf life testing to drive consumer satisfaction

Sensory shelf life testing (SSLT) is a vital tool for a food or beverage manufacturer. Its value extends beyond the...
CSM S&I White paper 29 November, 2016

A cautionary tale of allergen labelling

Food allergies are reportedly on the rise. Mandatory allergen labelling has improved food and beverage safety, but more...
Regulatory White paper 23 November, 2016

Consumer-focused innovation for better business returns

Leatherhead Food Research’s qualitative research involving senior Innovation, R&D, Marketing and NPD...
CSM White paper 21 November, 2016
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