Beers, Wines and Spirits

Leatherhead provides regulatory, safety, innovation and insight services to the fermented and distilled beverages industry. Our team supports clients across beers, wines, spirits, ready-to-drink as well as other fermented beverages such as kombucha and kefir.

Labelling advice

We can help ensure that both your product and label is compliant with its chosen market(s). Whether it’s font size, listing ingredients or alcohol content our team can advise on label creation and checks.   Find out more →

Safety considerations

Safety considerations and assessments are especially important where mixed culture fermentations are being used and the finished beverage is live or conditioned. Our process safety services are available to audit and help improve the safety of your manufacturing.

Novel ingredients

We’re seeing an increasing number of clients including new and interesting botanicals, stimulants, adaptogens and energizers in response to changing consumer demands. These novel ingredients can be used to provide flavours or specific functional properties in the beverage. We can help with novel ingredient assessments for regulatory and claims purposes.   

Import and export of products 

Consumers now expect to be able to access their favourite beverages regardless of their geographical location. Leatherhead can provide advice on the import or export of alcoholic beverages, as well as hot topics such as sugar content, non-alcoholic offerings and alcohol related legislation.

Brand building

Leatherhead can help facilitate brand building between your R&D and Marketing departments with our consumer and sensory insight and evaluation, product development support, and claims review service. We can support brewers and distillers who are focusing on health and wellness by entering new categories such as alternatively fermented drinks, soft drinks or low/no alcohol alternatives.

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