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Our complete library of whitepapers, covering various different topics in the food and beverage industry, all written and edited by our industry experts.


Gaining pre-market approvals for new ingredients and food additives, enzymes and flavourings

In order to contribute to consumers’ health and to allow for the free movement of safe food into their internal...
White paper 30 April, 2019

Reformulating to reduce salt, fat and sugar: how blueprinting can help

In this white paper, Adelheid Völkl, discusses the scientific approach of “blueprinting” in food & beverage...
Regulatory White paper 02 November, 2018

Alcohol labelling

Under the current labelling rules, alcoholic beverages above 1.2% abv can be marketed without information about their...
Regulatory White paper 05 October, 2018

Plastics and packaging

With plastics and packaging high on both the public and corporate agendas, we explored the difference in attitudes...
S&I White paper 14 September, 2018

Halal certification in Indonesia

Mandatory halal certification in Indonesia is top of mind as the 2019 deadline to comply with requirements approaches...
Regulatory White paper 10 August, 2018

Six steps to control Listeria

As the only UKAS accredited  provider of Listeria monocytogenes challenge testing in the UK*, Leatherhead is well...
Regulatory White paper 02 August, 2018

New EU organic regulation

The new EU Organic Regulation 2018/848 was adopted by both the European Parliament and the Council of Ministers this...
Regulatory White paper 20 July, 2018

The new and improved EU rules on novel foods

The new EU rules on novel foods means a more centralised and faster process to get new products on the EU market. With...
S&I White paper 12 July, 2018

3D printing and food manufacture

3D printing is becoming increasingly mainstream, but there has been limited uptake in the food industry to date...
S&I White paper 04 July, 2018

Oral processing – a rheologist’s perspective

The design of healthy products that deliver from a sensory perspective can prove challenging for many product...
S&I White paper 23 March, 2018
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