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Our complete library of whitepapers, covering various different topics in the food and beverage industry, all written and edited by our industry experts.


BREXIT: a regulatory and food safety perspective

Following the triggering of Article 50 by the UK government, Leatherhead Food Research has been evaluating the most...
Regulatory White paper 27 June, 2017

Immersing consumers in a virtual world

The experience of sipping a glass of white wine in a trattoria by the beach in Sardinia can hardly compare to tasting a...
CSM S&I White paper 20 June, 2017

of note – When to call in the experts

The validity of experts has been called into question recently in the public sphere. In Leatherhead’s latest of note...
Of note 02 May, 2017

The product-by-product sugar reduction challenge

While sugar substitutes, sweeteners and sweetness enhancers are widely available, the technical challenges of sugar...
CSM White paper 28 April, 2017

of note – 2020 vision: what is feasible in 3 years?

The first of Leatherhead’s of note papers looks at the balancing act that companies play when considering near term...
Of note 27 April, 2017

Settling food safety disputes with scientific expertise

The validity of experts has been called into question recently in the public sphere. In this white paper, Dr Peter...
CSM S&I White paper 11 April, 2017

Closing the loop

Up to one third of all food is lost or wasted in the supply chain, having significant environmental, social and...
S&I White paper 20 March, 2017

What’s in a claim?

Crunchier, creamier, now with thicker chocolate … sensory claims can get the taste buds tingling and the mouth...
CSM White paper 10 March, 2017

2020 – 3 years to go and counting!

‘2020’ has long featured in research & development strategies as a key milestone date, but now with only 3...
S&I White paper 28 February, 2017

Science-led shelf life determination unlocks innovation

Understanding shelf life is an important part of the development process. In this white paper, Mark Butcher considers...
S&I White paper 27 February, 2017
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