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Immersing consumers in a virtual world

The experience of sipping a glass of white wine in a trattoria by the beach in Sardinia can hardly compare to tasting a...
CSM S&I White paper 20 June, 2017

The product-by-product sugar reduction challenge

While sugar substitutes, sweeteners and sweetness enhancers are widely available, the technical challenges of sugar...
CSM White paper 28 April, 2017

Settling food safety disputes with scientific expertise

The validity of experts has been called into question recently in the public sphere. In this white paper, Dr Peter...
CSM S&I White paper 11 April, 2017

What’s in a claim?

Crunchier, creamier, now with thicker chocolate … sensory claims can get the taste buds tingling and the mouth...
CSM White paper 10 March, 2017

Using sensory shelf life testing to drive consumer satisfaction

Sensory shelf life testing (SSLT) is a vital tool for a food or beverage manufacturer. Its value extends beyond the...
CSM S&I White paper 29 November, 2016

Consumer-focused innovation for better business returns

Leatherhead Food Research’s qualitative research involving senior Innovation, R&D, Marketing and NPD...
CSM White paper 21 November, 2016

The dream team for successful product development

The spotlight has never shone brighter on the food industry than in recent years. Pressure is coming from all angles to...
CSM White paper 07 November, 2016

How do our genes impact our food choices?

Variation in taste perceptions can be explained by nature and nurture. In this white paper, Silvia Peleteiro, focuses...
CSM White paper 01 November, 2016

How our senses interact: the concept of cross-modality

In this white paper, Silvia Peleteiro discusses how our senses do not work independently of each other when we consume...
CSM White paper 30 June, 2016

Taking the time to taste: developments in temporal sensory methods

In this paper, Silvia Peleteiro guides you through a set of methodologies called temporal methods which measure the...
CSM White paper 10 June, 2016
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