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Our complete library of whitepapers, covering various different topics in the food and beverage industry, all written and edited by our industry experts.


Understanding sensory perception of fat

In this white paper, Antoine G. de Bouillé explains how our knowledge of fat perception is really only the ‘tip of...
CSM White paper 25 April, 2016

The quest for natural emulsifiers

White paper discussing the challenge to find natural emulsifiers which are as effective as their synthetic...
CSM White paper 10 April, 2016

What’s in and what’s out? – nutrition trends 2016

Have you discovered your inner cavemen while following the paleo diet? What does the busy consumer expect from food...
S&I White paper 04 April, 2016

The future for the control of listeria in food and beverage manufacturing

With a mortality rate of 20-30%, the discovery of Listeria monocytogenes in a food or beverage product is considered a...
CSM S&I White paper 30 March, 2016

The state of play in botanical ingredient regulation in food supplements

A lack of clarity on the difference between a herbal medicine and a food supplement containing botanical ingredients...
Regulatory White paper 25 March, 2016

Top 10 tips for sugar reformulation

Sugar reduction is a particularly challenging example of food product reformulation and getting it wrong can have...
S&I White paper 27 February, 2016

Ingredient affairs: attraction or repulsion?

Knowledge of ingredient interactions is vital for successful product development. In this white paper, Pretima Titoria...
S&I White paper 25 February, 2016

Putting sensory science into the marketing mix

Sensory marketing is a way to encourage consumers to respond to a product or a brand through the use of sensory cues...
CSM White paper 20 February, 2016

The danger of leaving food safety strategy to chance

Up to one million cases of food-borne illness are reported each year in the UK alone, which hospitalise around 20,000...
S&I White paper 15 February, 2016

Industry trends 2016: protein, health to-go products and personalised nutrition

The days of three square meals and the large, family shop at the local supermarket are disappearing. Consumers want...
CSM White paper 30 January, 2016
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